Elegantly Simple

About Oxymorwine

Many hours of research and development on the core that maximizes wine aeration, whilst minimizing flow impedance, has created a crossshaped aeration element inside Oxymorwine. It works by utilizing fluid dynamic principles. Air entering the bottle during pour causes rippling or turbulence over the surface of the wine flow that increases aeration or exposure to air and oxygen, whilst an undercurrent flow of wine from the bottle remains mostly uninterrupted by the surface bubbles, improving the speed of pour.  

Unique Oxymorwine Features

  • Maximized flow of pour with simultaneous aeration reduces service time with patrons
  • Wine flow and aeration remains relatively consistent until the bottle is empty
  • Simple, rapid push-to-fit and wobble-to-remove
  • FDA-approved food grade polymer does not taint the wine, nor absorb aromas from previous bottles
  • Exceptionally hygienic with no cleaning required
  • Recyclable plastic is environmentally-friendly; can be simply disposed after use
  • Non-drip and Anti-splash pouring spout
  • Colors available for personal preference or easy identification of bottles
  • Available in bulk quantities for OEM supply
  • Lightweight and easy bulk shipping